Tuition Rates By Different Kind Of Private Tutors

tuition fees in singapore

Above table are the average tuition rates provided by

1. Ministry Of Education Tutors

All of the MOE Tutors are licensed by the Ministry of Education, in which primary and secondary school teachers are properly trained. They’re either ex or existing full-time schools teachers. All these tutors are most up-to-date with the curriculum and so are taught to deal with different types of pupils. They require a higher rate since they’re taught to produce results.

2. Undergraduate and Graduate Tutors

Undergraduate and Graduate tutors usually provide a great example for their pupils. Pupils idolize them because they have accomplished good results by themselves. Besides their own expertise in the topics they coach, additionally they provide pupils the inspiration to pursue good resutls. “If I’m able to do it, you can as well.”

3. Full-Time Tutors

Full-Time tutors are extremely knowledgeable. Most of these tutors have come across pupils with various learning abilities. If you think maybe your kid demands somebody skilled, a full-time teacher will probably be the best option.